Meet the Team: Uday Gupta

June 26, 2017

Meet the Team: Uday Gupta
As we inch closer to market entry, it’s becoming increasingly important to share the news of our device’s status and advancements with important stakeholders. Through the planning and execution of strategic commercialization activities, our newest employee, Project Manager Uday Gupta, is driving our brand’s message and delivering IOPS awareness to the public. Learn more about Uday and his role here at Centerline Biomedical.

Tell us a little bit about your background – education, career experience, etc.
After receiving my undergraduate degree at Virginia Commonwealth University, I focused the first half of my career on management consulting, specializing specifically in the telecommunication, manufacturing and financial services industries.

A few years later, I completed my Masters of Business Administration at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, where I shifted my focus to entrepreneurship. I began my entrepreneurship career by spinning out a technology invented by a researcher at UVA. It was exciting as I was able to lead the company to launching award-winning technologies globally.  I then applied my entrepreneurial expertise to an agricultural-based food ingredient company specializing in health and wellness directly to consumers as well as consumer packaged goods companies.

What was your main takeaway from these business experiences?
I found great success in both of my experiences as a management consultant as well as an entrepreneur. As a consultant, I was able to make an impact from the outside looking in; however, as an entrepreneur, I was (and have been) able to provide that same impact, but in more of a leadership role.

What do each of your career experiences have in common?
Each of my past career experiences helped provide a benefit for the greater good, whether it was a technology to improve medicine, a prebiotic to make the world healthier, or, currently, to sell a device that will provide an immeasurable impact on the way healthcare is delivered.

Based on your past experiences, what can you bring to the table at Centerline Biomedical?
Here at Centerline Biomedical, I’ve been able to apply many skills from past experiences, such as:
  • Understanding and addressing the needs of our various customers.  For Centerline, it is important to look at IOPS from the perspective of the practitioner, administrator and patient.
  • Working and aligning the interests of all stakeholders.  Commercialization of Centerline’s IOPS technology requires a solid working relationship with our partners, vendors, suppliers and investors.
What ultimately attracted you to Centerline Biomedical?
I see great opportunity in Centerline Biomedical and the IOPS device. The expertise of the team and the brand’s strong affiliation with the Cleveland Clinic are a few factors that initially drew me to the company. But the ultimate selling point was Centerline’s unparalleled dedication to improving outcomes for all stakeholders – patients, physicians and investors. If you can’t believe in the mission of the organization, you will miss your mark as an entrepreneur.

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