With IOPS, our one-of-a-kind technology platform, we are leading the way with safer, more efficient endovascular procedures, data analytics and predictive modeling solutions to reduce complications, improve patient outcomes, educate and train future surgeons and advance the standard of care.

Real-Time 360-degree Visualization and Navigation

IOPS 4 different views

Our propriety Intra-Operative Positioning System (IOPS) is a cutting-edge platform technology that provides real-time, 3-D enhanced visualization to help physicians see vasculature with pinpoint accuracy, in more vivid detail and in ways they’ve never been able to see before. The ease of use of IOPS simplifies complex procedures and reduces errors and costly follow-up procedures.

Safe, Low-Level EMF

Using safe electromagnetic tracking, IOPS reduces the need for fluoroscopy and reduces the harmful effects of radiation and contrast dye. 

Save Time, Increase Revenue

By making vascular imaging procedures more efficient, IOPS helps physicians save time and increase the utilization of the operating room, allowing hospitals to perform procedures with higher profit margins, increase their revenue and realize a greater ROI. With its enhanced visualization and navigation capabilities, IOPS can be used for a variety of markets including:

Predictive Analytics

The IOPS platform allows for the collection of big data, data analytics and predictive modeling so physicians can make informed decisions, improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes and reduce costs. 

Education and Training

With IOPS, we are poised to educate and train the next generation of surgeons to advance the standard of care.