IOPS Medical Device Investment Opportunity

Together, We Can Provide a Safer, More Efficient Operating Room Experience

Vikash Goel, Chief Technology Officer and Karl West, Scientific Advisor to Centerline Biomedical briefly describe how IOPS is uniquely positioned for easy adoption, improved outcomes and efficiency.

Centerline Biomedical has raised $13.58M in medical device investments since inception.

$11.67M Equity (Seed and Series A)
$1.9M Non-Dilutive Funding

Our funding sources encompass:

  • G2 Group Ventures
  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF)
  • Angel and private equity investors
  • The Ohio Third Frontier Technology Validation and Start-up  Fund (TVSF)
  • The Great Lakes Innovation and Development Enterprise (GLIDE)
  • The Ohio Third Frontier Commercialization Acceleration Loan Fund (CALF)
  • National Institutes of Health
We are currently in the middle of our Series B campaign with a goal of raising $15M. 

We continue to welcome conversations with those interested in helping us reach our goals. If you're interested in discussing this medical device investment opportunity, please contact us today. For a better understanding of our innovative IOPS system and its many benefits for patients and caregivers, please download our whitepaper

Centerline believes that the addressable market for the initial application of IOPS technology is substantial due to the continued growth of minimally-invasive endovascular techniques, which are rapidly outpacing the current, more invasive aortic procedures. In addition, as graft technology advances, traditional endovascular procedures are beginning to trend towards increased complexity and procedure time. What does this mean for healthcare systems?

  • Decreased operating room efficiency
  • Increased cost from complicated, extended procedures
  • Higher radiation exposure for caregivers and patients

In light of the rates of vascular disease confronting our aging population, simplifying these common procedures with tools like IOPS will become increasingly important.

Importantly, IOPS also represents a platform technology, meaning it is not limited to aortic procedures alone. This system can be adapted for use in other areas of vasculature where minimally-invasive procedures are preferable, such as those in the peripheral arteries, lungs and nervous system.

“One of the central design goals that we had in mind when developing IOPS was to make sure that it would fit as easily as possible into the existing workflow.”

—Vikash Goel, Chief Technology Officer, Centerline Biomedical

Our value proposition:

For clinicians

  • Increased revenue opportunity
  • Improved outcomes with faster procedures
  • Lower radiation exposure
  • Lower operating room costs
  • Revenue opportunity
  • Higher throughput
  • Higher quality of care
  • Reduced complications
  • No additional cost to payer
  • Increased patient satisfaction


  • Better outcomes
  • Improved access to care
  • Less radiation exposure and contrast dye usage