Our Team

Jai N. Gupta, MS, MSA, PhD Portrait
Jai N. Gupta, MS, MSA, PhD

Chairman and CEO

Dr. Gupta brings more than 40 years of technical, managerial, and leadership experience. He founded EER Systems, which specializes in scientific systems development for various federal agencies and the military, and pioneering commercial space launches with NASA, attaining revenues of $150 million with some 1,500 employees in 2000. Recently, he has retired as Group President of L-3 Communications Government Services Group. Currently he is an active investor in several entities globally, including startups. Dr. Gupta received his Bachelor's degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Master's from Queens University, Canada, Ph.D. from Purdue University, and MSA from George Washington University.
Vinod K. Goel, MSc, MBA, PhD Portrait
Vinod K. Goel, MSc, MBA, PhD

President and Director

Dr. Goel is a former World Bank official and global expert on innovation and competitiveness who brings 35+ years of international experience in R&D, technology commercialization, and private sector development. He is one of the pioneers of Inclusive Innovation, a concept gaining currency as a means of expanding the benefits of technology to a wider global audience. He has led the design and implementation of numerous complex development projects with budgets of up to $500 million. Dr. Goel is also a senior consultant at World Bank (previously Chief of Financial Management), Advisor to Innoneo Health Technologies, and founder of Lagom Group, an international advisory firm. He holds MBA with distinction and Ph.D. from Cornell University, and a Masters from NDRI, India.
Matthew Eagleton, MD Portrait
Matthew Eagleton, MD

Chair, Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Eagleton is the leading vascular surgeon at Cleveland Clinic's Heart & Vascular Institute, with a specialization in endograft therapy for complex aortic disease. In addition, he has an extensive experience in basic, translational, and clinical research programs and has been the principal investigator on a number of research trials evaluating endovascular therapy for aortic disease. Dr. Eagleton is an international expert and thought leader on minimally invasive vascular aortic surgery. He received his bachelor’s degree and medical degree from the University of Rochester, his general surgical training from the University of Rochester Medical Center, and his training in vascular surgery from the University of Michigan. He is currently on the faculty at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine-CWRU.
Vikash Goel, MS Portrait
Vikash Goel, MS

Chief Technology Officer and Inventor

Vikash Goel brings more than ten years of experience innovating and developing imaging, visualization, and analysis systems for use in vascular surgery, as well as experience in medical device software and hardware design and development and holds several patents. He has worked closely with surgeons and developed a keen understanding of the clinical challenges and unmet needs present both in the operating room and in the clinic. He is experienced in application development and pioneering software and technologies. As CTO of Centerline Biomedical and inventor of its technology, he utilized image processing and modeling techniques to develop and design software across several platforms and develop the systems and instrumentation hardware making up the computing platform for Centerline’s technology. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, magna cum laude, from Cornell University's College of Engineering and a Master’s degree from Cornell’s Program of Computer Graphics.
Jay Johnson Portrait
Jay Johnson

VP of Research and Development

Mr. Johnson is a nearly 30-year veteran of medical device R&D and product development. Having begun his career designing infusion pumps with start-up Deltec Systems, he eventually led the entire diabetes division, bringing in revenues exceeding $40 million in the first year, and navigated mergers and acquisitions by Smiths Industries and Pharmacia. Mr. Johnson moved on to serve as Vice President of R&D for Data Sciences International, establishing a strategy that resulted in rapid and predictable delivery of new products to the market, notably an implantable ECG monitoring platform. Most recently, Mr. Johnson built and managed R&D teams as Vice President of R&D for SuperDimension (acquired by Covidien in 2012 for $350 million), commercializing a novel electromagnetic navigation platform to diagnose and treat early-stage lung cancer. Mr. Johnson has extensive leadership and engineering experience in the launch of over 30 medical devices with worldwide distribution and holds numerous patents. He has a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota. 
Karl West, MS Portrait
Karl West, MS

Scientific Advisor and Inventor

Karl West is Cleveland Clinic's Director of Medical Device Solutions. Mr. West has been innovating at Cleveland Clinic since 2002. He is an expert in device design with a concentration in aortic replacement devices such as multi-branched endovascular prosthesis, and holds several patents on novel graft technologies. He is experienced in managing R&D for vascular replacement devices and directing medical device prototyping. Before starting his career at Cleveland Clinic, Mr. West was employed by Philips Medical Systems acting as the lead engineer on computed tomography R&D projects. Mr. West has extensive experience developing a variety of medical devices including several novel image guidance systems. As inventor of the IOPS technology, he led its development and continues to drive the commercialization process. Mr. West has a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio University and a Master's degree in Physics from John Carroll University. He is also an Adjunct Instructor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Cleveland State University.  
Uday Gupta, MBA Portrait
Uday Gupta, MBA

Product Manager

Uday Gupta brings 12+ years in startup business development and operations. He is experienced in corporate finance/fundraising, development and launches, sales and marketing, B2B and consumer-focused products. His key responsibilities through his professional experience include: budgeting/P&L oversight, product development and launches, fundraising/investor relations, strategic planning and implementation, overseas expansion, and project management/team leadership. He has founded and lead several start-ups throughout his career, and has been recognized for launching award-winning technologies. Uday holds his MBA from the University of Virginia and his Bachelor’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University.
David Vickers, MBA Portrait
David Vickers, MBA

Senior Systems Engineer

Mr. Vickers brings more than 30 years of experience innovating, developing and bringing medical imaging products to market. His expertise ranges from developing MRI software to designing CT X-ray detectors to systems engineering for SPECT systems. A specialist in full systems integration in compliance with FDA design control requirements and ISO standards for medical device quality and risk management, Mr. Vickers has extensive experience managing system requirements, system design specifications, system integration test plans, and product risk assessment, essential aspects of preparing and managing regulatory submission and clearance for medical devices. Prior to joining Centerline, Mr. Vickers served as a Systems Engineer in Philips Healthcare's Advanced Molecular Imaging division managing system integration. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from John Carroll University.
Shyam Natarajan, MS Portrait
Shyam Natarajan, MS

Project Engineer/Analyst

Shyam Natarajan has a background in biomedical research at Case Western Reserve University, focusing on the development of novel drug delivery technologies, with specific focus on the cardiovascular area. He also has experience in business development and conducting due diligence for mid-market companies in Northeast Ohio embarking on new business ideas, providing them with recommendations based on thorough market research and analysis. Shyam holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Biomedical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.