As we enter into 2017, we find it increasingly important that the topic of funding medical innovation remain top-of-mind with new policymakers. Voters are almost unanimously on board with supporting medical discovery to enhance treatments and cures; however, research funding, and, therefore, the opportunity to support the medical research sector, is declining.

Centerline Biomedical wouldn’t be where it is today without the support of medical innovation. In just one year, our team successfully completed 3 preclinical studies; closed a Series A fundraising round; and is gearing up to enter the market in 2017. All of these accomplishments can be owed not only to investor support but also to programs such as the Ohio BioValidation Fund and the Ohio Third Frontier Technology Validation and Start-Up Fund.

Policymakers must understand that medical discoveries can not only lead to patient health benefits, but also support high-paying jobs that will strengthen the economy.

Learn more about how medical innovation has, and will, support our nation’s bioscience industry in this article authored by Aram Nerpouni, CEO of Northeast Ohio biomedical accelerator BioEnterprise.