According to Health IT Outcomes, the increased adoption of minimally-invasive procedures, a rising aged population and the support of technology are only a few factors driving the incredible growth behind the medical device market. So, how does one keep up? By investing in continuous product awareness.

Of course, with increased product awareness comes increased competition in the marketplace. Brands are constantly faced with the challenge of differentiating themselves from the next best, most innovative device.

As a medical device start-up, team Centerline has witnessed this first-hand. Medical device innovation, especially within the minimally-invasive procedure category, is growing at a rapid pace, and for good reason. Patients have come to expect better surgical outcomes, in a shorter amount of time, with few physical barriers, and we need to deliver.

Based on this, we’ve taken into consideration the many factors that could affect the eventual adoption of our IOPS device in the medical device market: Who, other than the patient, does IOPS benefit? How can we solve their pain points? Why should they invest in our equipment over our competitors’?

From here, we broke down our value proposition into four key segments, each of which defines a particular audience and how the application of our device benefits them specifically.

As you can see, we’ve taken into account that IOPS is a device that has an impact on more than one group. With continuous growth in mind and a primary goal of ours, we refer back to each of these audiences as we continue to advance in the medical device market.

Interested in staying up-to-date on Centerline Biomedical product advancements? Visit our Resources page for the most recent news regarding IOPS device development. You can also download our white paper for more information about our product benefits.