There’s a lot of information at our disposal. Thanks to search engines such as Google and Bing, online information is accessible at the click of a button. But what happens when your medical device company’s (presumably) private information becomes public? You risk a medical device security breach.

In this new age of medical device development, it’s become increasingly important to prioritize the security of your product. Marcell Hill, Senior Director at Intertek, spoke at this year’s AD&M Conference on the topic of cybersecurity and addressed the following risks:

  • Hostile environments: The threat of a security breach is increasing.
  • An attacker’s motivation: What information is the attacker trying to get from your company?
  • Attack tools: What does the attacker use to compromise your security?
  • Outcome: What could an attack mean for your company?

Following a medical device security breach, a company could face many crucial downfalls. To name a few:

  • Loss of IP address
  • Reputation damage
  • Potential litigation

Avoid these – and other critical outcomes of a medical device security breach – by making sure your device is fully equipped and secured for the future medical device landscape.

Hill’s discussion is very relevant to Centerline, as our company is in the midst of preparing for market entry. We will be sure to take the necessary precautions to reinforce our security strategies in both the regulatory and marketing aspects of the company.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Be proactive in protecting your medical device company’s security environment to ensure a smooth development process.