From September 6-8, Cleveland Clinic hosted the 12th annual Roy Greenberg Stent Summit, which addressed the topic of Aortic Lesions and follow-up interventions, while also identifying clinical and engineering information needs.

Centerline conducted demonstrations of the Intra Operative Positioning System (IOPS) technology during the Summit and gained valuable feedback on our technology, especially on the marketing side. Surgeon feedback and questions are critical in addressing customers’ needs and communicating them in a clear manner, whether through website or other promotional/PR material.

*Note: Centerline’s demos are not affiliated with the Roy Greenberg Stent Summit.

Centerline also attended VascularInterVentionalAdvances (VIVA) 2017 last week from 9/11-9/15. VIVA is a world-renowned conference that evaluates ‘new, evolving therapies and innovations as well as engaging in stimulating discussion on the year’s most challenging cases’ in vascular medicine, interventional cardiology, interventional radiology, among other disciplines.

There were 4 main takeaways from the conference that we observed:

  1. There was a strong observation that fluoroscopy remains the dominant standard of care in vascular procedures.
  2. Related to the above point, we found that surgeons still desire a 3D visualization system and a complete solution that would enable navigation during vascular procedures.
  3. We observed strong interest from med device companies in utilizing IOPS.
  4. We also saw that the industry is coming together to address enabling vascular surgeries to underserved communities/hospitals. While Centerline’s IOPS has not entered the market yet, the ease of use of the system can allow these communities to easily integrate IOPS into their workflow.