From September 18-22, Centerline attended the 25th annual MedTech Investing Europe conference in London, United Kingdom. This conference allowed us the opportunity to meet with several key investment groups in the medical device arena, as it showcased an ‘unrivaled roster of venture-stage life science companies.’ We were able to meet one-on-one with innovators and investors and answer some key questions in the medical device investment arena, such as:

  • Who are the active investors in healthcare?
  • ROI and time commitment, are these investors’ main considerations?
  • What strategic assets do you need to be successful

Among many important takeaways from the conference, a few topics that stood out to us were:

  • In general, there is a strong interest in medical devices from family offices due to their humanitarian nature.
  • Our IOPS technology was well-received since it addresses needs for various stakeholders, including healthcare analytics.
  • Investors emphasized that there is a need for us to get engaged with other geographies such as Europe due to the amount of procedures being conducted there and engage with key opinion leaders to educate them about Centerline and IOPS.

Our team was also excited to be runners-up of the audience’s ‘Best in Show Presenting Company’. Voted for by wide range of international MedTech investors, these awards recognize the Presenting Companies who offer the most exciting, ground-breaking and disruptive technologies accompanied by the management teams and business models that will enable these winning companies to continue to grow into world-beating organizations.

In general, we found that there is great interest in our IOPS technology. It is important for us to continue our efforts in spreading the word about Centerline and IOPS to educate those who can benefit the most from a more efficient, more accurate, easy to use, and safer endovascular navigation system.