From September 25th-27th, Centerline attended the MedTech Conference, powered by AdvaMed, in San Jose, California. This conference offered us an opportunity to connect with thousands of medical technology professionals and the investing community. Centerline was selected as a MedTech Innovator Top 50 company, which allowed us to participate in a panel discussion as part of the MedTech Innovator Showcase.

The panel discussion focused specifically on Centerline and several other imaging and diagnostics startups. We touched on the economic value of the technologies at hand, the current state of imaging, and the importance of advancing innovations that improve patient care and safety by making better use of existing images.

We were very pleased with the reception and interest Centerline received at this spectacular event. It is always impressive to see the vast array of novel and meaningful technologies being developed and commercialized by today’s Med Tech entrepreneurs. Our experience at this conference cements our drive to address the underappreciated issue of the dangers of X-ray fluoroscopy, despite the fact that implantable devices are getting more complex, and the demand for more complex endovascular procedures is increasing, thus increasing radiation exposure per procedure.

As a MedTech Innovator showcase company, we are very appreciative of MedTech Innovator for coordinating the event and allowing networking opportunities with industry stakeholders.