On Wednesday, October 18th, Centerline Biomedical was featured at the CVilleBioHub forum on medical devices. Speakers highlighted recent advances in the medical device sector, specifically touching on guidance systems for therapeutic purposes and navigation during procedures.

That’s where Centerline’s IOPS comes in.

Jai Gupta, Chairman and CEO of Centerline, and Uday Gupta, Director of Business Development at Centerline, spoke about our innovative system that enhances minimally-invasive endovascular procedures.

Martin Chapman, President and CEO of Indoor Biotechnologies, Inc. said, “Our membership was highly impressed by IOPS capabilities for visualizing the vasculature and its potential for improving all manner of cardiovascular procedures. The ability to navigate blood vessels in real time with accuracy and precision using 3D-guidance is truly innovative and offers the possibility of enhanced treatment options. Centerline appears to be in an excellent market position.”

CvilleBioHub members also appreciated the discussion of how the technology was developed and funded in part by Cleveland Clinic, and the support that Cleveland Clinic offers for commercialization of medical devices.

Medical Devices and Instrumentation is the largest sector of the life sciences industry in Central Virginia. 21 companies employing over 900 people are featured on the CvilleBioHub for their developments in state-of-the-art technologies. This represents an amazing concentration of talent across the biomedical spectrum. Ultimately, these technologies will have a tremendous impact on human health and quality of life. Centerline is grateful to be featured as a Cleveland Clinic spinoff that hopes to make the same impact in the medical device arena.

We were impressed by the plethora of talent in the Medical Device sector at this forum. We see that the issue of the dangers of X-Ray fluoroscopy, despite increasingly complex procedures, is often underappreciated. Centerline’s IOPS hopes to bring light to this issue and provide a solution that leads to more efficient, more accurate, and safer endovascular procedures.