Centerline Biomedical attended the 67th Congress of the European Society of Cardiovascular and Endovascular Surgery (ESCVS) from April 12th-14th. The ESCVS is the oldest society in Europe in the cardiac and vascular surgical field, founded in 1950. The 67th Congress of ESCVS was held in Strasbourg, France and brought in key opinion leaders in the vascular and cardiac field to learn about new techniques, as well as companies to showcase their novel technologies.

Centerline had the opportunity to demo our technology, IOPS, in a booth setting and gain exposure to several thought leaders in the cardiac and vascular space, over 500 participants from over 63 countries. Key factors at this event were having Cleveland Clinic vascular surgeon and Centerline Scientific Advisor Dr. Ezequiel Parodi discuss the technology with the ESCVS community at our booth, and a panel discussion with Dr. Davidovic, outgoing president of ESCVS, on ‘Non-fluoro-based navigation: Preclinical experience with the IOPS technology.’

Among many novel techniques and devices presented at the conference, Centerline’s IOPS was included, and was well received by the ESCVS community. A great aspect of this conference is that it brings the vascular and cardiac spaces together and brings people from all over Europe, and the globe, to Strasbourg – where the conference is held and one of the European Union capitals. Centerline is pleased to have had the opportunity to present our technology to thought leaders in the endovascular space.