Centerline receives warm reception at key stakeholder event

Centerline Biomedical is excited to have presented its IOPS 3D Visualization and Navigation system at the Military Health Services (MHS) Vendor Day at Ft. Detrick in Frederick, MD, a cooperative venture by the military service medical logistics agencies. Centerline was approved to be one of 33 companies to exhibit at this event! We were able to show IOPS to military medical logisticians and subject matter experts from the medical material agencies from the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps. The event represented a perfect opportunity to showcase IOPS, a mobile technology with future applications in extreme or challenging environmental conditions – frequently present in military – where immediate surgical intervention may be necessary. The stakeholders at the event recognized the potential for IOPS to facilitate bringing interventions forward closer to the point of need as well as its value in civilian hospitals. It was well received by many who participated in or observed the technology being demonstrated.

Vikash Goel, CTO of Centerline, showcasing IOPS portable 3D navigation and real-time tracking system. Left: Model of IOPS in operating room setting, Center/Right: IOPS portable version shown with 3D-printed aorta phantom.

Centerline’s IOPS technology uses medical imaging and electromagnetic tracking to guide devices through a patient’s vascular system during minimally invasive surgical procedures such as aortic aneurysm and dissection treatment and will also be, in the near future, available in a portable version that can enable endovascular interventions without the use of large, cumbersome medical imaging equipment typically found in an operating room. The MHS exhibit was an excellent follow-up to our poster at the Military Health System Research Symposium.