On Tuesday, November 13th at VEITHsymposium, Dr. Mark Farber, Director of the UNC Aortic Center, Professor of Surgery and Radiology at UNC, and Centerline Biomedical Scientific Advisor,  presented Centerline’s novel, 3D navigation system IOPS. A main focus of this particular session was progress on improved guidance systems in vascular surgery.

The presentation by Dr. Farber was well received. In addition to presenting the current IOPS platform, Dr. Farber expanded on Centerline’s R&D projects, such as the integration of IOPS with augmented reality

The vascular field is starting to see a trend of endovascular surgical interventions, such as those of the aorta, becoming increasingly complex and more frequent. In order to achieve a long-lasting repair it is necessary to do a complex treatment that involves more of the artery. There also exists a challenge with respect to performing these procedures outside high-volume institutions. A system such as IOPS enables caregivers to perform more efficient complex procedures with potentially better outcomes.