The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2018 expo was held at McCormick place from November 25th-30th. The major medical imaging expo in the US, RSNA highlights the cutting edge in medical imaging, radiology, as well as the latest in advanced visualization, which is where Centerline and IOPS was showcased.

Centerline experienced high visibility at our booth in the ‘3D Printing and Advanced Visualization Showcase’ and met with many key individuals from the major players in the medical imaging field such as Siemens, GE, Philips and Canon and demoed IOPS for them. Both our team and advisors who attended were able to offer different, important perspectives on our IOPS technology and company mission, including the clinical perspective provided by one of our advisors from Serbia, Dr. Miloš Matković.

Dr. Matthew Eagleton, Chief of Vascular Surgery at Mass General Hospital and Chair of Centerline’s Scientific Advisory Board also spoke about Centerline’s inception and mission along with IOPS in one of the highest-attended sessions of the day.









Left: Dr. Eagleton presenting IOPS, Center: Centerline’s RSNA booth setup, Right: IOPS and augmented reality

Demos of IOPS were met with outstanding enthusiasm, including further inquiries into potential collaboration and partnerships. Innovation was highlighted in our integration of IOPS and augmented reality – R&D work with virtual stent deployment.



Our team, ready to demo IOPS to all comers!

 ‘Your technology truly integrates augmented reality with the medical field’

            ‘You are a savior for people like us [Interventional Radiologists]’

Among the plethora of fascinating exhibits, RSNA 2018 also displayed research in the radiological field, showcasing scientific posters from various institutions, including research on radiation reduction among many other topics.

Note: IOPS was not marketed at this expo and is not for sale, so no claims were made to any potential superiority. Inquiry about collaboration or partnership was unsolicited.