Global Healthcare Executive Has Significant Experience in Launching Next Generation Products

CLEVELAND, OH – Centerline Biomedical, Inc., announces that Phil Rackliffe has been appointed to lead Centerline Biomedical and its recently FDA cleared Intra-Operative Positioning System (IOPS).

Mr. Rackliffe has a long history and experience in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry, globally launching more than 25 products to help improve patients’ lives and changing clinical practice.  In addition, Mr. Rackliffe has led significant mergers and acquisitions across the globe.

“We couldn’t be happier to have Phil join Centerline Biomedical and take us to the next level”  said Dr. Jai N. Gupta, Chairman of the Board.  “His vast experience in the life sciences sector, along with his executive leadership roles across public and private companies, makes Phil the ideal person to lead this company and the launch of IOPS”

“I’m honored and excited to join Centerline Biomedical with the goal of making IOPS the new standard of care in surgical procedures”  said Phil Rackliffe, CEO of Centerline Biomedical.  “From the minute I learned about this technology, and validating its significant need with physicians and staff, I knew this was the right opportunity to align my interests and skill set.”

The company’s IOPS platform is a navigation system for minimally invasive surgery, leveraging anatomical mapping and electromagnetic tracking to provide three-dimensional color visualization and real time guidance during endovascular interventions with minimal need for fluoroscopy. The first product, recently granted FDA 510(k) clearance, allows doctors to navigate catheters and guidewires through complex anatomy with highly intuitive and safe imaging. The pipeline advancement technologies, still in preliminary development,  intend to bring the technology to the next generation, with augmented reality (AR) visualization and software assistance in actual guidance.

IOPS with planned advances in AR and 3D guidance, navigation, and control (3D-GNC) represents a revolutionary step forward and hopes to provide a way to leverage the maturing capabilities of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. As the IOPS data platform grows, the AI may be able to provide even more navigational aids based on prior surgical experience. By simplifying complex procedures and making them faster, safer, and more accurate, Centerline hopes to decrease costs while improving access to care.