Software Engineer

Centerline Biomedical, Inc., a medical device start-up with high growth potential, seeks to hire a full-time Software Engineer to be located at its offices in Cleveland, Ohio. This individual would work among a diverse team of software engineers, itself part of a highly-skilled multidisciplinary team dedicated to achieving the successful commercial launch of a medical device and development of next-generation technologies.

Centerline is developing healthcare solutions to bring the next generation of imaging, navigation, predictive analytics, training, and robotics to minimally invasive surgery. Endovascular surgical procedures presently rely on x-ray fluoroscopy, which exposes patients and caregivers to harmful radiation while providing limited 2D imaging. Our first product, IOPS™ (the Intra-Operative Positioning System), expected to be launched in 2018, delivers accurate 3D navigation without the use of ionizing radiation or contrast medium thus allowing surgeons to navigate within the arteries much like using a GPS, minimizing exposure to cancer-causing radiation and toxic contrast dye. Our IOPS™ technology aims at improving patient outcomes, reducing radiation exposure, simplifying complex procedures, increasing throughput and lowering healthcare costs driving better margins as well as improving utilization and profitability of surgical rooms and medical personnel. In future, Centerline’s platform technology will address multiple applications such as endovascular aortic repair, peripheral artery disease, coronary intervention and stenting, carotid aneurysm, cerebral aneurysm, and electrophysiology, etc.

Centerline, a Cleveland Clinic spin-off housed in the Global Cardiovascular Innovation Center (GCIC) on Cleveland Clinic’s main campus in Cleveland, Ohio, maintains a close relationship with Cleveland Clinic and has access to the unique resources and environment of the incubator to carry out research and product development with Cleveland Clinic researchers and clinicians.

Job Description

In keeping with Centerline’s startup nature, the Software Engineer would hold significant responsibilities and has a strong opportunity to contribute. This individual would work among a diverse team of software engineers, itself part of a highly-skilled multidisciplinary team dedicated to achieving the successful commercial launch of a medical device and development of next-generation technologies.

The Software Engineer contributes to Centerline’s product development and testing in all manners related to software in: implementing effective and efficient software solutions to engineering problems; devising innovative and novel approaches to address clinical and engineering needs; documenting, updating, and maintaining code; software testing and validation; and participating in planning of future product development, including requirements definition and risk analysis.

The Software Engineer is skilled in mathematics and the science of computing, especially as they relate to Centerline’s technology which is heavy on image processing, computer graphics, and numerical methods. This person is able to quickly develop a working understanding of new concepts in these and other technical fields. Using these talents, the Software Engineer will join the Centerline team ready to learn how Centerline’s technology works and prepared to expand upon it by translating innovative concepts into functioning software.

Additionally, the Software Engineer works as part of an overall team of flexible and capable members committed to contributing and growing as needed to fulfill the company’s mission.

High-Priority Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field
  • Experience developing and maintaining software projects under a software quality management system
  • Experience developing with C and C++ for and in Windows and Linux environments
  • Understanding of computer graphics algorithms and OpenGL
  • Familiarity with open source toolkits used in numerical analysis and computer graphics
  • Experience designing interactive applications with GUIs
  • Experience with version control and requirements management systems
  • Proven ability to identify an engineering problem and devise, implement, and validate an efficient and effective solution
  • Strong analytical skills and willingness to develop understanding of relevant concepts in medicine and mechanical, electrical, and materials engineering
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills
  • Commitment to learn new skills and tools as they become relevant
  • Flexibility and ability to self-start on new tasks, problem-solving with minimal supervision and to work in a diverse work environment dealing with multiple tasks with deadlines
  • Ability to work in a team, supporting colleagues while drawing support as well in order to achieve team goals

Additional Desirable Qualifications

  • M.S. or other advanced degree
  • Experience with ISO 13485/IEC 62304 quality management systems
  • Experience developing with Qt, VTK, and ITK toolkits
  • Familiarity with medical images, DICOM, PACS, and medical imaging concepts
  • Experience with human factors engineering
  • Exposure to medical/clinical/surgical environment and working knowledge of concepts behind minimally-invasive surgery

To apply, please send your resume to